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There’s no denying it, chocolate is the diamond of the food world. We covet it, desire it, seek it out in good times, bad times and all the time in between.

Yet most of the world chooses chocolate that is the equivalent of diamantes. That’s fine for some. But not for people like you. Not for chocolatiers like us.

I have the simplest of tastes, I am always satisfied with the best

- Oscar Wilde - 

We’re classic at heart and honour time-tested techniques but constantly aim to learn and improve everyday, by adding a touch of today's science.

We seek balance and delight.

Whip off that wrapper and let the flavours start to surprise your palate . Wildly decadent, pared back to perfection; our chocolate is the chocolate you deserve.

We’re aiming to perfect diamond level chocolate. For people like you. For chocolatiers, like us. We’re here to make you hungry for chocolate

Tanja Schwindt - Chocolatier of The Chocolate Workshop

Tanja Schwindt

Who is behind The Chocolate Workshop?

Meet the woman at the helm: Tanja Schwindt: Founder, chocolatier & artisan. Tanja established The Chocolate Workshop back in 2012, in her adopted hometown of Wanaka, New Zealand. Originally from Germany, Tanja has a total passion for her craft. A rock-solid belief in her vision. And a very dark sense of humour (it’s needed). Her love of all good food is unmistakable (just check out our Instagram feed) and her slightly nutty take on the world (nougat pun intended) is the drive behind The Chocolate Workshop’s constant innovation.

Tanja believes that chocolate is a sensory experience. A way to consciously connect with the here and now. To slow down and simply enjoy the present moment.

Once you’ve tried one of our Salted Caramels, you won’t disagree.



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